We are a Commerce-Reliable company where our values of respect, loyalty, humility, honesty, responsibility, and leadership are represented by patterns of organizational behavior where they are summarized in productive and targeted disciplines looking for a common purpose in the customer-supplier relationship.


Garden produces imports, LLC. a Florida-based company dedicated to marketing in the agricultural sector for business import/export trade. We work with wholesalers in the USA, Mexico, China, Europe, and Latin America based on their needs, offering a competitive price through a cost structure model for products and services produced internally/externally for better purchasing decisions. Maximizing customer returns by improving the premium brand positioning of our products.

Garden produces Import, LLC is an American trading company founded in 2016 by Persio Grullon. Located in the heart of Miami, Florida, the trading focus lies in the agriculture sector with a strong emphasis on Persian Limes or Tahiti Limes, Mangoes ( Ataulfo, Haden, Kent, Tommy, etc.), Green and Red Bell Peppers, White and Red onions, Roma Tomatoes, Hass Avocados, Pollock Avocados, Dry Coconut, White/Red Pitahaya, Grapefruit, Papayas, Pineapples, Fairytale Pumpkins, Malanga, Ginger, Bananas, and Strawberries.

The company aims to tie business relationships in the USA, China, Europe, and Latin America, with major fruit and vegetable distributors, to enhance the profitability and awareness of our products. Garden Produce Import, LLC. We seek to offer our customers reasonable prices with good service based on cost-based leadership model,  as one of our main competitive advantages.


The foundation of successful work is based on the following principles:
Respect, Humility, Honesty, Responsibility, Leadership (comprising mutual influence and common purpose), and a cooperative Work Culture, which implies shared values and assumptions.


To be the international trade company oriented to the needs of the market in the produce sector, recognized for its level of innovation and customer service. Developing quality strategies that allow successful commercial transactions through consistency in the practice of its values.
To understand our clients, competitors, suppliers, and markets by taking time to ascertain emotional and material needs, then offer valuable incentives for remaining loyal to our company. We analyze the information from a total business perspective; determining how to offer superior value to our customers and suppliers and implement actions to provide value for them. Understanding the competitive area and the strengths and weaknesses of competitors as critical components of market needs.


We channel the creative contributions of our employees by promoting a collaborative culture of creativity. We allow our employee to take their own decision when introducing a new product or a qualitative change in an existing process. We allow for collaboration to happen between functions and departments that may have some synergy between them to get a project done. We make sure information is available and flowing about what the other is doing so that there’s more transparency. We Plan a day where employees get a chance to step into the roles of other colleagues in different functions. allow them to see workplace challenges from an unfamiliar place. This helps to expose them to new ideas and thinking. We build a sense of community by making sure our people are getting to know each other, so they can work closer and more creatively together. We embrace scientific thinking as company philosophy and as a methodology for problem-solving and improvement activities throughout all business processes at all levels of the organization

Customer service

We focus on keeping our staff happy first. We believe Great customer service begins with great workplace experience. We create great customer-centric culture by empowering customers to help themselves through great content. We prioritize social channels as a customer support platform, as part of our social media game to allow our customers to be in touch with our brand and receive their feedback.
We provide fast, effective responses, so it’s important to ensure we are delivering on that. If unsatisfied we provide offer refunds, as part of our goodwill program. We personalize our communications with our customers to give human-to-human responses that will stand out to our customers. We over-communicate with our customers by being honest about how things will proceed, what is the best action plan and what they need to do on their end to grow even further. o be the most important fruit and vegetable import/export company in the North America region oriented to the needs of the market, recognized for its level of innovation and customer service. Developing quality strategies that allow successful business transactions through the consistency in the practice of their values.

Successful commercial transactions

We have a network of growers throughout northern, central, and southern Mexico and the Caribbean to ensure constant supply to our customers. In our various state-of-the-art packaging facilities, we take care of the highest attention in the sorting, bagging, and shipping process to ensure that only the freshest fruit is delivered to our customers and done on time. And, to differentiate ourselves from the competition, we offer value-added services such as conditioning, bagging, and delivery to mention a few. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is just as imperative to the overall growth cycle; and as the saying goes: “Without the customer, there is no business.” That means, any customer of any size business. We know technology is King, but making emotional connection still matters. In fact it matters more than anything else. Emotionally connected customers have higher brand loyalty and often spend considerably more money with a brand than customers who are merely satisfied. By finding ways to encourage your customer service teams to tap into your customer’s fundamental emotional needs, you’re certain to build long-term and rich relationships with them.

Congruence in the practice of their values

As leaders, we establish and strengthen the habits that are beneficial and positive, while eliminating those that are not. That means our habits must align with the values we want to promote, both at an individual and organizational level. Habits, after all, are how you walk your talk. We Give Employees space to express themselves. This means we over-communicate. For us, communication is not just about talking, but being expressive. Expression through talking, playing, and exploring are habits that help us create something great. Another practice we have is that we connect strategy to purpose with transparency by making sure each employee understands how the work they do or the strategies of the business relate to the purpose the company exists to be fulfilled. Transparency to us means, placing a high value on sharing information openly and managing with emotional intelligence, supporting personal growth, and differential learning.


Do things right the first time and keep working on continuous improvement.

Our Brand

Garden Produce Import: The name arises because I want to create meaning in the life of each human being by increasing the quality of their life with our brand. Achieving loyalty, trust, and tranquility so that each customer or company interacts with us to establishes a long-term relationship. We want our customers to know that by doing business with us they are buying a product from a memorable company where the staff is treated with respect, to know that management is fair to employees, to know that our managers care about our employees as individuals, knowing that there is vertical communication at all levels of the company, keeping them informed of performance progress. We believe that by allowing people to be the best version of themselves, it allows us to create and sustain the best version of the company. Certainly, we listen to our customer feedback and fix existing problems, but the real challenge is to excite customer imaginations with our products and services that they could not envision.