Do you know what are the benefits of Lemons?

Do you know what are the benefits of Lemons? 600 500 admin


Start to include the benefits of lemon or lemon juice in your daily diet, it can be a good source of antioxidants for healthy skin, it can prevent kidney stones, it can boost immunity, it can reduce the risk of heart disease, it increases the absorption of iron, and may reduce the risk of certain cancers.

The benefits of Lemons are much more, in this post, talk about this.


Calories: 20 gr
Carbohydrates: 7 gr
Protein: 0,5 gr
Fat: 0,1 gr
Fiber: 1,9 gr
Vitamin C: 22% (IDR)
Iron: 2% de la IDR
Calcium: 2% de la IDR
Vitamin B6: 2% de la IDR
Thiamine: 2% de la IDR
Potassium: 1% de la IDR 

There is a wide variety of lemons, the most popular are:

Lemon Key (Citrus aurantifolia)
Limón persa (Citrus latifolia)
Limón del desierto (Citrus glauca)
Limón kaffir (Citrus hystrix)

The Tahitian lemon, also known as Persian lemon, is the most common type of lemon in the United States.

Adding to the benefits of lemon in your diet can make your body healthier

We present you 7 tips on why you should consume Lemon Juice

I. Good source of antioxidants

Antioxidants are important compounds that defend your cells against molecules called free radicals. In large amounts, free radicals can damage cells, and this damage has been linked to chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer.

II. Healthy skin

Lemons have several properties that can promote healthy skin. First, they are high in vitamin C, which is necessary to produce collagen, a protein that keeps skin firm and strong, this an amazing benefit of lemon.

III. Kidney stones

Kidney stones are small mineral crystals that are often painful to pass. They can form inside the kidneys when your urine is highly concentrated or when you have high levels of stone-forming minerals, such as calcium, in your urine. Citrus fruits like limes are high in citric acid, which can prevent kidney stones by raising citrate levels and binding stone-forming minerals in the urine.

IV. It can boost immunity

Limes are rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that can help boost your immune system. In test-tube studies, vitamin C helps increase the production of white blood cells, which help protect your body against infection and disease.

V. It can reduce the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.
Research shows that limes can reduce several risk factors for heart disease.
For starters, limes are high in vitamin C, which can help lower high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease.
Additionally, vitamin C can protect against atherosclerosis, a disease in which plaque builds up in the arteries, making them too narrow.

VI. Increases iron absorption.

Iron is an essential nutrient needed to make red blood cells and carry oxygen throughout the body. Low levels of iron in the blood can cause iron-deficiency anemia.
Signs of iron deficiency anemia include fatigue, shortness of breath during exercise, pale skin, and dry skin and hair.
Foods rich in vitamin C, such as limes, can help prevent iron deficiency anemia by improving the absorption of iron from plant-based foods.

VII. Reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal cell growth.
Citrus fruits have compounds that have been linked to a lower risk of certain cancers.
In particular, flavonoids, which act as antioxidants, can help stop the expression of genes that promote cancer progression.

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