Lobster Tail

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Lobster is a low-calorie food packed with vitamins and minerals.

Is a lean protein source it packs a lot of protein and minimal fat.
Lobster is also a unique source of the trace elements copper and selenium.

While copper is involved in energy and DNA production, selenium acts as an anticancer agent and may protect against chronic degenerative diseases.

Nutricional Facts

Lobster is a lean protein food with big portions of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health.


Product information

Product: Homarus Americanus Lobster Tails
Size: 4oz / 5oz
Price CIF: $36.75 USD Madrid, Spain
Lobster Tails Packs Available: box 10lb IQF

Lobster Packaging and Information:

Master: Sterofon or into cartoon master
Quantity: 10.000 pounds per week via air

Contact us:
Dominican Republic: +1 849 220 8553
International: (+52) 442-647-2510